The path to the future: Increasing use of apps in the logistics industry

12 May 2018
by Synfioo  • 3 min read

Fasten your seatbelts – the future is arriving and has long since reached the logistics industry. Business apps, short form for business applications, are not only successfully used in a variety of areas already (logistics, foreign trade, supply chain management), but have also become a decisive competitive advantage. The importance of these digital tools will continuously increase in the upcoming years.

Measured by such prospects, the current usage of apps in business is still relatively small, but the logistics area is at the forefront of developments (in addition to the areas of administration, sales and marketing) and shows where the journey is heading. Understandable, since we’re talking about an industry that is undergoing constant change, whose tasks are becoming increasingly complex and which is subject to strict policies and regulations.

Business applications are already used in logistics and supply chain management, primarily for researching expert information, in container management and in transport management (transport controlling, improved fleet management, load securing). Internally and externally used, they enable a dynamic functional extension of existing devices and facilitate the development of new communication and cooperation structures, which involve all participants (companies, employees, customers). Supply chains are now interconnected to facilitate the transfer of information between different locations and business areas that are no longer considered separate.

More specifically, this means that managers can work while on the move and drivers can directly and independently access all important information on their route. Increasing communication and collaboration empowers transport planners as well as customers. Both can localize transports and keep track of all important incidents along the way. Collaboration with customers will be more efficient and flexible as they will have access to all the information they need. Adjustments and changes can be made more easily and therefore costs are saved, performance is improved, and more attractive pricing models are possible. Greater transparency enables more agile and sustainable actions and is the foundation of evidence-based decision making. Apps that are individually tailored to the challenges of logistics can accordingly help to make transports faster, more accurate and more profitable for all parties

With the Synfioo Web App and the Synfioo Mobile App, Synfioo is committed to this important task and pursues a holistic approach, which means that also small and medium-sized companies, even without their own transport management system, can be part of a forward-thinking supply chain management. The only requirement is a good internet connection and a web browser. Once registered, the companies can upload their own transportation plans to the cloud which are then merged with numerous external data sources to calculate the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Synfioo also relies on the integration of historical data and machine learning. By this approach, more precise results can be generated. Even intermodal transport chains, which have not been easily accessible in their entirety so far, are now more transparent and easier to control for all those involved in transport planning.

To put it in more concrete terms, the users of the Synfioo Web App have access to a list (view) in which the associated Process-ETA is shown for each individual transport. Moreover, all transports that are affected by disruptions and therefore relevant for the transport planner, are highlighted. The app allows a better focus and faster, more targeted decision-making which optimizes the entire transport process. In addition to early disruption alerts for the transport planners, customers can also keep track of their goods at any time by means of real-time track and trace.

Regardless of whether companies use the Synfioo Web App or the Synfioo Mobile App: complex processes are presented clearly, without any loss of information, and the handling is simple and effective. All parties can access all important information and make better decisions at the same time. The “black box” is no longer valid. Synfioo provides greater supply chain visibility and a much-needed focus on the relevant information (Management by Exception).

Traditional work structures and ways of working are changing and shifting towards more communication and exchange. Synfioo is aware of this ongoing process and provides digital solutions for all upcoming challenges.

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