Increase transparency and decrease critical delays—we give you back a notion of control

We enable supply chain managers to constantly monitor their transport processes by increasing the visibility of disruptions along transport routes. Supply chain managers can proactively react and implement the necessary changes to transport and production planning before it is too late.

Over time, processes become increasingly more optimized and efficient. Synfioo’s solution reduces the risk of being helplessly exposed to disruptions.

Data Science

All data in one place—put an end to manual search

As data science experts, Synfioo extracts key and actionable insights from big data to provide decision-making support catered to your particular needs. Our expertise provides you with the ability to properly control and manage information in your transports to make sound decisions in a timely manner.

In the long run, our technology is also intended to ensure that your transport processes become more and more optimized over time. Synfioo’s solution forms the foundation for intelligent supply chain control and transport planning security.


Seamless, Easy

Don’t put in any extra effort—adapt our solution to your supply chain

Supply chains come in all shapes and sizes so therefore we provide a technology service that can be adapted to any modality as well as any geographical scope. By merging specific customer data with disruption data relevant to your supply chain, high-fidelity predictions can be generated.

You don’t have to get used to a new system. Our solution can be easily integrated into the existing user interface of your transport management system. Our traffic light color system offers a clear overview, allowing you to act quickly.


Our Features


Using over 50 global data sources and Big Data technology, we calculate an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for intermodal and global transport chains. Transport processes are no longer viewed in isolation, but end-to-end and in real time.

Track and Trace

Know where your transport is at all times? Synfioo makes it possible. With shipment tracking for you and your customers, you can monitor the entire transport route in real time. A precise map view allows you and your supply chain partners to plan ahead/ to stay ahead of the game.

Disruption Alerts

We predict possible shortcomings in your supply chain. All parties involved in the transport process receive relevant disruption alerts and alternative recommendations for action at an early stage. The result: Increased focus and action that can concentrate on exceptions through targeted information.

Our Solutions

System Integration

Web Solution

Asset-Tracking Solutions

System Integration

The Synfioo API acts as the interface between your own TMS and the Synfioo Cloud. Data can be uploaded and visualized in the familiar software environment, enabling you to merge internal company transport plans with external data, providing real-time ETA predictions which take into account all merged data sources. Transports are sorted according to urgency in the TMS and visualized including the reasons for delay—proactive action becomes possible.

Web Solution

Synfioo Services can also be used via your own Internet browser enabling easy access in a user-friendly environment. With our OnTime Navigator, disruption and movement data can be retrieved from anywhere. Everything is in view thanks to a detailed map view and efficiencies can be increased without additional expenses for IT infrastructure. For a more democratic supply chain—the relevant information is made available to all parties involved in transport.

Asset-Tracking Solutions

The Synfioo Mobile App installs easily on the driver’s mobile phone. Current position data is recorded and can be retrieved via the Synfioo Web App. The detailed map view with current positions of all transports provides more visibility. All transport participants can simultaneously access necessary information and make better decisions promptly.

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