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Supply chain visibility solutions for intermodal transportation

We offer you the solutions that bring optimal transparency to your supply chain. They can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of your transports.


All transport location information, delay notifications, and accurate arrival time predictions in your TMS.
 The Integration acts as the interface between your Transport Management System and the OnTime Navigator platform. Data can be uploaded and visualized in a familiar software environment, enabling you to merge internal company transport plans with external data. Real-time ETA predictions, which account for all merged data sources, are displayed in your TMS. Transports are sorted according to urgency and visualized including the reasons for delay – proactive action becomes possible.
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Manage your transports and receive all relevant information seamlessly through your browser. 
The OnTime Navigator platform can be used via your own Internet browser, enabling easy access in a user-friendly environment. With our OnTime Navigator Web, disruption and movement data as well as ETAs can be retrieved from anywhere. Everything is in sight thanks to a detailed map view and efficiencies can be increased without having to incur additional costs for IT infrastructure. For a more democratic supply chain, the relevant information is made available to all parties involved in the transport.

Synfioo GPS

Enhanced precision of position data on transports and easy communication with the driver.
The Synfioo GPS App can be easily installed on the driver’s mobile phone. Live position data is recorded and can be retrieved via the OnTime Navigator platform. The detailed map shows current positions of all transports and provides increased visibility. All participants within the supply chain can simultaneously access any vital information and make better-informed decisions immediately.

Arrival Board

All departures and arrivals of your transports in real-time and at a glance.
The Synfioo Arrival Board allows you to access real-time data for arrivals and departures of your transports. This is similar to the arrival and departure boards at airports. By marking critical and delayed transports, bottlenecks in planning and traffic situation become visible immediately. All parties involved are automatically informed about the arrival of the transport.

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