SAP-Infotag Lager- und Transportmanagement: About cooperation and successful teamwork

23 January 2018
by Synfioo  • 2 min read

SAP and Synfioo have been working together successfully for some time now and are counting on the value of cooperation and new solutions developed as a team. The foundation: The already established software SAP Transportation Management on the one hand and the precise process ETA solution from Synfioo on the other. The common goal is to provide companies with long-term support regarding the digitalisation of transport processes in order to create more transparency and efficiency for the entire supply chain.

Our solution

Synfioo offers a software platform that enables its users to monitor complex, intermodal supply chains in real time – more precise and in greater detail than before. Thanks to a larger interconnectedness of all supply chain participants, delays and financial losses can be counteracted effectively and proactively.

SAP quickly recognized the added value for its customers and integrated the Synfioo Service by default into SAP TM. Program users benefit from modern transportation management and, as a result, from a more secure and stable transport chain. It works as follows: after a holistic and precise ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is calculated, delayed shipments are highlighted in a traffic light view. This way the program enables a focus on the really important decisions in transportation planning. Reasons for delays and disturbances on the route are displayed to SAP TM users as early as possible and in detail. They can act foresightedly and promptly. A completely new view of complex structures creates efficient options for action.

Promoting innovation – the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator

The collaboration between SAP and Synfioo stands on solid ground and has grown successfully since 2017. Synfioo was one of the first startups to join the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator Program last year. The SAP IoT Startup Accelerator is a co-innovation program that promotes innovations in the field of the digital supply chain. Synfioo was able to enhance its forward-thinking solution using SAP products and to address a large global customer base by supporting them in their daily logistics operations.

Convincing solutions – in the finals of the Supply Chain Management Award

And even more great news: Synfioo and the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator are together in the finals of the Supply Chain Management Award. This year, for the first time, the “Smart Supply Chain Solutions” special prize will be awarded to innovative solutions that are still at an early stage of implementation. The award winners’ innovative ideas are intended to fundamentally change the traditional supply chain in the future.

Our joint solution not only convinces logistics providers and customers, but also the supply chain experts from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consultancy, and LOGISTIK TODAY. The award ceremony for the “Smart Supply Chain Solutions Award” will take place as part of the traditional EXCHAiNGE summit at the Hypermotion trade fair in Frankfurt (20-22 November).
We are very pleased to present Synfioo’s solutions for SAP and its customers at the „SAP-Infotag Lager- und Transportmanagement 2018“ (SAP Infoday Warehouse and Transportation Management) on November 6th in Wiesbaden.

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