SAP customers can use Synfioo Services – simply integrated in their own TMS

29 May 2018
by Synfioo  • 2 min read

The cooperation between SAP and Synfioo looks at current developments and future challenges in the area of transport management. In a webinar Synfioo’s Managing Director, Marian Pufahl talked about the value the integrated Synfioo Services offer to SAP Tranportation Management (SAP TM) users.

Logistics companies which use their own digital transport management system know the challenges of increasingly complex supply chains. Reliable supply chain monitoring is indispensable, and logistics experts who plan their transports in SAP TM are very aware of this. For even more visibility, focus and early incident reporting, they can now use benefit from Synfioo Services in their familiar working environment.

Many technical connection points and the joint work on future-oriented technologies: The cooperation between SAP and Synfioo is built on solid foundation. The largest European software manufacturer is constantly interested in new innovations and knows when it’s time for the next step forward. As an expert in the calculation of an integrated process ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), Synfioo has certainly convinced SAP with its services. Integrated in SAP TM, the Synfioo Services can offer significant additional value for its users – in their familiar working environment and without new training time.

And this is how it works:

For the most accurate ETA forecast possible SAP TM costumers can upload their transport plans to the Synfioo cloud, where they are combined with a variety of external data sources and historical data. After a few clicks they receive a list display of their transports with the related ETA prediction. Delayed transports are highlighted, allowing users to focus on just a few transports at a time and on the decisions that really matter (Management By Exception). Delays and disruptions on the route are displayed to SAP TM users as early and as detailed as possible, so that they can react proactively and in a timely manner. The result: The supply chain visibility increases and can be managed in a more efficient way by using a lot more precise and focused information.

In addition to integrating the Synfioo Services into almost all transport management systems, they can be used through a cloud-based web application as well (app or desktop view) – individually adapted to the special needs of transport planners, as Marian Pufahl elucidated in the Synfioo webinar. If you want to learn more about this topic, watch our webinar.

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