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Supply chain tracking with the OnTime Navigator

Not only do we give you full transparency, we also supply you with several layers of visibility, providing you with the information you need, such as ETAs, to operate efficiently, proactively managing your supply chain and staying in control at all times. Our motto: Connect, Predict, Act.
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1. Connect
2. Predict
3. Act
1. Connect
2. Predict
3. Act
The OnTime Navigator platform processes data from more than 70 external sources and connects it with your supply chain-specific data.
Our data sources cover any modality. Depending on the requirements of your supply chain, we can provide data for rail, ship, air, and truck. Together with your individual transport plans, we create a full data flow, increasing transparency for the overall supply chain.
We process live tracking data, the current situation in your supply chain, and historical data to calculate accurate arrival time predictions (ETA).
Our platform takes all current and upcoming disruptions in your transportation process into account and with our proprietary machine learning algorithm, the status of your shipments as well as the arrival times are always updated in real-time.
We provide you with precise ETA predictions, a detailed live view of your transports, disruption alerts and Track & Trace functions.
You will know at all times where your shipment is, what is happening along the way, and when it arrives. You will have the luxury of making early decisions for transport optimization and production planning based on reliable real-time information. All of this information can also be easily shared with other participants within the supply chain.

Our Solutions

Direct access to Synfioo data in all common web browsers. Complete overview of all deliveries including arrival time predictions. Includes maps, lists and detailed visualizations of transports, drivers and vehicles.
Integration with existing Software systems for visualization of ETA calculations and for consideration of individual transport data. RESTful web service for easy and seamless integration into existing IT systems.
Arrival Board
Access to real-time data for arrivals and departures of your transports, similar to the arrival and departure boards at airports. By marking critical and delayed transports, bottlenecks in planning become visible.
Synfioo GPS
Allows Synfioo to receive truck GPS data from drivers with automated tour detection. No need for account registration –linked to mobile number.
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