Harmony in the supply chain: Synfioo presents new brand identity

23 January 2019
by Synfioo  • 3 min read


Harmony in the supply chain: Synfioo presents new brand identity

  • The start-up is in the spirit of optimism: With a new brand and logo, the company is preparing for further growth
  • The quality of ETA predictions has been increasingly enhanced in recent months
  • New partnerships provide even easier access to Synfioo service

Potsdam, 21.10.2019 – Synfioo’s growing up. Founded in 2015, Synfioo has landed contracts with several established partners and received funding from world-renowned investors in recent months and has now revamped its brand image and sharpened its vision. The ETA specialists (Estimated Time of Arrival) position themselves as partners of the supply chain manager, who brings transparency and harmony into the supply chain like a conductor thanks to Synfioo.


Synfioo offers ETA predictions by applying machine learning in the evaluation of transport data. This allows expected arrival times to be precisely calculated and disruptions and delays in the intermodal supply chain to be flagged and communicated to customers. In addition to a new website and logo, Synfioo also has a revised understanding of itself and its brand.

Synfioo’s new brand identity represents the company as both customer-centric and technology-oriented. As a provider of technology services, Synfioo provides customers with an overview of their supply chain operations and enables them to intervene at an early stage to mitigate potential financial losses in the event of disruptions and inefficiencies in transport operations. “We see the supply chain manager as the conductor, who brings all elements into harmony like in a symphonic composition. In the supply chain, he coordinates different transport instruments so that they are in sync with each other,” says Marian Pufahl, CEO of Synfioo.

The fine orchestration of individual transports makes it possible to act in a controlled, flexible, and transparent manner, allowing processes to merge smoothly and complement each other. The high-fidelity ETA predictions provided by Synfioo was also further refined by working with various customers to better understand their needs and pain-points. “By working with SAP and industry-leading customers in the automotive industry, we were able to expand our know-how. This will, of course, have a positive effect on all of our current and future projects and we are ready for the next growth curve”, says Dr. Andreas Meyer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Synfioo. In addition to the existing partnerships with SAP, NIC-place and Weber Data Service, Synfioo is further expanding its network. In the future, customers will be able to benefit from further integrations with partners such as LIS,, Transdata and Globis.

“We are very proud of the progress that we have made together as a team in recent months. We have been able to convince reputable companies and investors of our business model and strengthened our knowledge and expertise in all areas. It was a logical next step to present ourselves and our product with a new look as well,” emphasized Marian Pufahl.

The ideas of harmony and transparency in the supply chain are also reflected in the new logo and design of the website. At the German Logistics Congress in Berlin, which takes place from 23 to 25 October 2019, Synfioo will present its new brand for the first time at an industry event. A Synfioo product video was created as part of the SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain.

About Synfioo:

Synfioo was founded in 2015 following a logistics research project lasting several years at the Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of Potsdam. The Potsdam-based company’s software enables end-to-end intermodal monitoring and disruption notification for each individual transport in real time, as well as the resulting reliable prediction of arrival times (ETA). Further information:

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