GPS Fleet Monitor: Full Transparency with Synfioo OnTime Navigator and Synfioo GPS App

12 October 2021
by Anna Frank  • 3 min read

Trucks are still the preferred transport modality in the overland business especially on the last mile. In order to efficiently manage fleets in this field, transparency is key. With the OnTime Navigator Web and the GPS App, Synfioo provides companies with two solutions that ensure optimal processes in road freight transport and help them save time as well as financial resources. 

Transparency is key – especially on the last mile

In times of crisis, supply reliability is crucial. Trucks play an important role in the course of this, especially on the last mile. However, in the face of disruptions, high traffic volumes or sudden border closures – as recently experienced during COVID 19 – often result in delays or even cancellations. In addition, the smooth exchange of information between all supply chain parties is not always guaranteed. With fatal consequences – unloadings and loadings are tightly timed, potential disruptions or bottlenecks lead to a massive coordination effort, rising costs, and additional adjustments to operational processes. 

In order to make the right decisions for the further route of transports, companies must be able to rely on correct data regarding the position of their trucks. This also applies to precise estimated times of arrivals (ETAs) for raw materials and semi-finished materials, which have a major influence on the demand-based design of production processes. Under these circumstances, fleet management with precise GPS data is indispensable.  

All transports in sight with the Synfioo GPS Fleet Monitor 

The Synfioo OnTime Navigator and the Synfioo GPS App are an unbeatable combo for keeping an eye on trucks worldwide, reacting early to disruptions and searching for alternative routes if necessary.  

The Synfioo OnTime Navigator allows the monitoring of all trucks and routes as well as retrieving arrival time forecasts, incident and movement data from any device. On top, the detailed map view ensures maximum transparency by displaying transport processes in real time. GPS real-time data can be flexibly connected via smartphone. All truck drivers have to do is install the GPS app. The application is available for download for Android and iOS devices in the respective stores free of charge.  

Thanks to reliable alert messages and ETAs for the current tour, the user is always informed about the transport situation – without any additional manual effort. In turn, GPS Fleet Monitor users can keep their customers up to date with reliable order tracking via tracking link. 

The GPS Fleet Monitor advantages at a glance  

  • Build a resilient supply chain
    Synfioo enables you to track all your shipments and respond to disruptions before they impact your business. Based on our ETAs, subsequent operations at the destination of the goods can be planned precisely and flexibly. 
  • Optimize supply chain operations
    Always know what is going on in your own supply chain transparency provides the necessary data basis for more efficient processes in the long term. Costs are minimized, as regularly occurring problems that come to light can be remedied immediately. 
  • Transparency for your customers
    Offer your customers a comprehensive service with the predictive track & trace function. Easily share all necessary information with your customers to keep them always informed. 
  • Accurate ETAs
    In addition to a company’s own data, over 70 possible disruptive sources are combined to create accurate ETAs. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) refine these results.  

Especially in times of crisis reactive and well-planned actions are more necessary than ever, when shortfalls become particularly apparent. Take action now if you want to optimally track your supply chains and rely on efficient ETAs for your shipments. Book a free demo of our GPS Fleet Monitor today.   

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