Gartner sees Synfioo in key position: Supply chain visibility no longer just a “Nice to have” for the logistics industry

23 January 2018
by Synfioo  • 2 min read

Real-time platforms for more visibility in transport chains are implemented on a large scale. Gartner refers to Synfioo as a promising solution provider.

A Gartner study published in April 2018 highlights an important development. Supply Chain Visibility is a top priority for managers from various business sectors in the logistics industry. According to this survey, 46% of the industry representatives interviewed stated that they have implemented solutions within the last 12 months which provide more insight into their transport processes.1

The need for efficient processes as well as the increasing demand from customers for more real-time transport information play an essential role. The goal is to transfer the service already offered for the last mile to the entire transport chain. Because: “Why could you track a 10$ item bought on Amazon, but not your multimillion-dollar truckload of key products?”2

A legitimate question to which there are highly promising answers.

Vehicles and drivers can already provide the necessary real time data. Either via telematics systems built into the vehicle or via an app that sends GPS data to the Synfioo cloud, installed on the driver’s mobile phone (Synfioo GPS). Complemented by a multitude of external data sources, a holistic view on complex transport processes is created, which introduces a new scope for action for all supply chain participants.

Shippers and 3PL (Third-party logistics providers) welcome the latest technical developments and buy these information solutions for complex transport chains as an application or as an integration solution for their own transport management system. The services of new real-time visibility platforms do not compete with standard solutions from the past, but offer a meaningful supplement to the technical status quo.

1 Gartner: Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs Survey 2018
2 Gartner: Real-time transportation visibility platforms provide transportation leaders with supply chain efficiencies, April 2018, read more:

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