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25 August 2020
by Synfioo  • 2 min read

Private individuals as well as companies are facing a major challenge given the extensive spread of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the crisis is also sharpening our awareness of how important certain sectors, such as logistics, are for maintaining day-to-day supplies. These days, the logistics industry is faced with the task of getting urgently needed goods to their destination in a reasonable time. The exact impact of this crisis is difficult to assess, as new constraints are added every day. Unforeseeable bottlenecks as well as disruptions arise, which are decisive and have to be taken into account accordingly in tour planning. Under these circumstances, complete supply chain transparency is an important tool. This allows production or distribution processes to be coordinated with the arrival of raw materials, semi-finished materials and end products.

What can Synfioo do?

We also see it as our responsibility to offer our expertise in order to maintain transport processes. We want to offer our help to small and medium-sized forwarding companies, as they keep the logistics running day in, and day out. Therefore, we provide our OnTime Navigator for monitoring truck transports with the Synfioo GPS App for 3 months free of charge. It enables the monitoring of all trucks, the retrieval of arrival time predictions as well as disruption alerts and movement data from any computer. The detailed map view provides the user with maximum transparency by displaying freight flows in real time. To integrate the GPS-real-time data, truck drivers only need to install our free Synfioo GPS app. Due to reliable disruption reports as well as arrival time predictions for the current transport, the user is always informed about the tour process without any additional manual effort. In turn, they can keep their customers up to date at all times by simply and automatically passing on reliable shipment information thanks to a delivery link. This is a very important aspect considering partially closed-off areas or re-introduced border controls, in order to initiate the next steps for the efficient optimization of supply chains by saving time and financial resources.

Don’t lose any time!

If you want to monitor your supply chains optimally and need ETA predictions for the arrival of your transports in these times of great uncertainty, when the economy is also subject to the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, then you are very welcome to contact us. For free use of our Synfioo OnTime Navigator please click here. You can still register for free until April 30th.

With our service and our Data-Science expertise we will do everything in the upcoming days and weeks to keep your flow of goods running at its best!

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