ETA Monitor now available as SAP Note

23 January 2018
by Synfioo  • < 1 min read

The SAP add-on “ETA Monitor” for integrating the Synfioo service into the SAP Transportation Management System is now officially available as SAP Note 2671200 for SAP customers and implementation partners. The enhancement, developed by SAP in cooperation with Synfioo, extends the “Transportation Cockpit” in SAP TM and allows planners to work exception-based.

The traffic light color system highlights all transports with critical delays in red and arranges them according to urgency. In addition, the reasons for delays and the resulting Estimated Time of Arrival predictions are shown individually for each transport – without having to leave the user interface.

However, Synfioo does not only take current incidents into account when calculating the ETA, but also considers future delays that are expected in the course of the route. These are communicated to the users as early and as detailed as possible so that they can react promptly and work with foresight. In this way, a focus on the essential decisions in transport planning is made possible and a holistic view of all transports is guaranteed at any time.

In order to take full advantage of the SAP ETA Monitor with Synfioo ETA predictions, a Synfioo account and the integration of the Synfioo API are required.

Would you like to receive more details about our new SAP integration? Then contact us here or directly request a demo.

Open SAP Note (Login required)

In-depth explanation on SAP Blog

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