Clear vision – The Synfioo Process-ETA for the automotive industry

23 June 2018
by Synfioo  • 2 min read

When a traffic jam forces trucks to stop, the border control once again takes longer than expected and the connecting ferry is missed at the agreed time, planners as well as suppliers and customers start to get nervous. Supply chains are complex and disruptions can have a decisive influence on the flow of goods and products in the automotive sector. Only a differentiated monitoring, early disruption alerts and an exact and holistic ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) prediction provide the required visibility for a future-proof supply chain management.

Increasing complexity and a fragmentary view on all relevant transport processes challenge the industry. Especially intermodal supply chains are characterised by numerous potential disruptions and a large number of players involved in the transport process. Shippers, to name an example, face a multitude of challenges regarding communication and organisation that need to be coordinated in a professional manner.

Traffic jams and unexpected waiting times due to border or customs controls, accidents and bad weather conditions, missed ferry connections and strikes – from time to time all transports are forced to stop. Current ETA calculations include only a limited number of information (usually live traffic data and weather data) and function best for linear transport routes without additional disruptions. In most cases, however, a more differentiated approach is needed.

The Potsdam based software company Synfioo, which also takes part at this year’s SAP Automotive Forum, is dedicated to solving this problem by predicting an holistic ETA (Process-ETA). For the first time, intermodal transports and their accompanying processes are examined in detail. A crucial aspect for the automotive industry, which sends its goods intermodally around the world. Interested parties, among them a well known German car manufacturer, are very much aware of the importance of a smooth product flow for their global business.

In order to be well prepared for dynamic developments and all kind of real-world events, Synfioo takes very different data sources into account. On the one hand, disposable data such as weather reports, ferry schedules and information on traffic jams or waiting times at the border. On the other hand, telematic data made available by cooperation partners or external providers, current ship positions and flight arrival times and the transport data provided by Synfioo-Service users themselves. Due to machine learning and the inclusion of historical data, the gathered information will become even more concrete and complete over time. When relevant disruptions occur, Synfioo alerts all parties involved and enables transport planners to focus on the transports currently affected by delays.

The Synfioo services can be integrated into an existing TMS (Transport Management System) or can be used via web application or mobile app. Accordingly, incident alerts can be retrieved either in the company’s familiar software environment, by email, via Synfioo Web App or conveniently on the business mobile phone. All parties involved in the transport process profit from an increased process transparency and a more differentiated arrival time prediction. For the automotive industry this results in a better supply chain monitoring, a more detailed shipment tracking and higher planning security.

Synfioo’s Process-ETA and the holistic view on complex and changing supply chains, paves the way into the logistic future of the automotive sector.

Do not miss: Synfioo at the SAP Automotive Forum in Wiesbaden on July 4/5, 2018.

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