To ensure smooth transport operations

Synfioo enables the harmonic
interplay of information and transports

We rely on big data, machine learning, and process technologies to efficiently coordinate all transports. Founded in 2015, we are based in Berlin and Potsdam as a team of 27, with great commitment and pleasure in making transport chains more efficient, sustainable, and predictable for all parties involved.

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Permanent employee, Full-time · Potsdam

Each challenge helps us to evolve: May it be a new technology, a new data source or a game of table football...

I have been working at Synfioo from day 1. In the beginning, there was a very ambitious idea and a handful of skilled people. Today, we have turned an idea into a stable, evolving product, successful projects, happy customers, and a talented and determined team. Synfioo allows for a high degree of freedom in our work routine.  No approach for the solution is given, so we can try on our own how to reach the goal. Individual ideas and efforts are therefore valued highly. I also can as easily approach one of the co-founders the same way as I would a coworker.

Susanne - Software Engineer

Every day, I am motivated to come to work because I always feel supported by the team, especially when faced with challenging situations.

The hiring process at Synfioo was very professional. It was extremely important to me that the co-founders and Managing Directors were involved throughout the entire interview process, which provided me with the unique opportunity to ask them questions and showed that they had an interest in investing time to hire the right people. At Synfioo, we have flexible working hours, self-development time, ample room to grow, and many more benefits.

Zuzanna - Marketing Manager

The atmosphere within the company is a decisive factor: People are open to discussing wild ideas and always curious to learn and evolve.

Having studied math, I discovered this awesome field of study known as Machine Learning. When I came across Synfioo, I was immediately interested because solving problems from the real world presents a great and practical challenge. When tackling a problem, we have a lot of freedom in choosing the approach. Being at the interface of science and technology makes you encounter new ways of thinking quite fast, so there is always something to learn. A game or two of table football or table tennis doesn’t hurt to help clear the mind when one’s brain is overheating.

Steffen - Data Science

Synfioo’s advantages
and benefits

Focus on self-development
Personal development is key. Thus, we at Synfioo have the chance to use 5% of our working time for free projects to further develop ourselves.
At Synfioo, we have the benefit of choosing our working times and days. Nevertheless, we enjoy meeting in the office for personal interactions.
Work hard, play harder
Whether it is in person table tennis, table football, or online jack box games, we have a “work hard play hard” mindset.
Team connection
Our regular team events let you unwind and enjoy time with team members. Diversity fosters curiosity - we connect and learn a lot about different cultures together. Additionally, during weekly company meetings we share information across all teams to keep everyone up-to-date.
Corporate benefits
As Synfioo employees, we have access to a customized corporate benefit portal where we can enjoy unlimited significant discounts from more than 800 brands from various sectors.
Fruit everyday
Healthy eating, healthy living! And sometimes a piece of chocolate and the world is perfect. We have a food room stocked with seasonal fresh fruits along with healthy breakfast options and snacks. Our longstanding tradition of “cake days” on Wednesday afternoons will continue forever.

Creating culture of equality

Synfioo is an employer for whom inclusion and equal rights are of the utmost importance. Applicants are considered regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics. Our focus is to create a diverse and inclusive team. Our current team proudly works harmonically with ten nationalities.
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Your simple route
to Synfioo

We’re curious to know your motivation to join our team. Once we receive your online application, preferably accompanied by a motivation letter, we will provide feedback shortly thereafter. If your application piques our interest, we will accompany you throughout the entire application process which includes the following three steps. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email to Join our team today!
Motivation Talk
The goal of the motivation talk of about 20 minutes is to understand each party’s motivation and get to know each other better. We want to learn more about you and your interest in Synfioo through some questions about your education, your previous experiences, expectations, and also your personal objectives. In turn, we also provide you with the opportunity to clarify any questions you may have regarding our product, and company’s vision and mission.
Technical/ Departmental Discussion
The interview is all about in-depth discussions on relevant experiences and knowledge for the position. You will have the chance to speak with your potential future colleagues . Depending on the department, your interview(s) may occur with multiple team members from the relevant department(s) or you may have numerous shorter meetings; we aim for 90 minutes of interview time in total. In these interviews we will introduce Synfioo to you in more detail.
Final Assessment
We are curious on working with you on position-related challenges to assess your professional skills, energy, and the working style between you and the team, in the beautiful city of Potsdam. You can meet our co-founders, the team members, have lunch together and maybe even a match of table tennis. The assessment round concludes with a discussion of the day’s challenges. In the next days, we will contact you with feedback on the application process.
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