12 October 2021

GPS Fleet Monitor: Full Transparency with Synfioo OnTime Navigator and Synfioo GPS App

22 September 2021

The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain

9 June 2021

Supply Chain Interruption: Avoiding blind flights through countermeasures

25 November 2020

Logistics beyond corona? More resilience through digitalization requested

25 November 2020

“How much transparency suits you?”

25 November 2020

Restart after Coronavirus – absorbing catch-up effects digitally

25 September 2020

COVID-19 Implications: The Importance of Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

25 August 2020

Free transparency for tour monitoring

23 January 2019

Simply complex: Supply chain management with Synfioo and two new partners

23 June 2018

Clear vision – The Synfioo Process-ETA for the automotive industry

23 January 2018

Gartner sees Synfioo in key position: Supply chain visibility no longer just a “Nice to have” for the logistics industry

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