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The idea for Synfioo stemmed from the GET Service EU-funded research project that the founders of Synfioo worked on at the Hasso Plattner Institute. The research project was aimed at achieving greener logistics, reducing CO2 emissions, avoiding empty runs, and improving automated scheduling algorithms.

Part of the research project involved the analysis of real-time transport data, which did not exist on the market. This sparked the Synfioo team to spearhead a joint pilot project with a world-renowned partner from the logistics industry in 2015, where Synfioo tailored its software directly to the needs of the market. By collecting data from over 50 external sources of potential disruptions, Synfioo’s solution covers all geographical areas and can be adapted to any supply chain and mode of transport—land, rail, maritime, and air.

Synfioo team in front of office building in Potsdam

The name Synfioo is derived from the word ‘symphony‘, as the core competencies of the supply chain manager draws many parallels to those of an orchestra conductor.

The challenge facing supply chain managers involves bringing together numerous complex transport processes into a harmonized structure. The supply chain manager represents the central element overlooking many decentralized processes. These processes must be coordinated by correcting loading and unloading points as well as subsequent processes in a timely and flexible manner—similar to a symphony orchestra, by ensuring the correct notes are played at the right time.

An orchestra conductor must be able to set and interpret the score while controlling the tempo and timing to keep an ensemble in sync. Setting and interpreting the score is performed by the supply chain manager, while Synfioo adapts the score to the real-world environment. By including more than 50 live external data sources to predict ETA, Synfioo provides the necessary insights into where disruptive influences could have a negative impact on transport planning by simulating the course of a transport route in real-time. The aim is to perfect the coordination of individual transports and production steps to eliminate surprises and rectify delays in transport management.

With Synfioo’s platform, precise coordination and maximum visibility in supply chains will be achieved, resulting in more efficient operations and a stronger bottom-line. Synfioo supports the supply chain manager in shaping individual processes into a harmonious ensemble.

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