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We’re passionate about helping businesses increase their supply chain transparency. Our goal is to provide all supply chain participants with the relevant information, making it universally accessible, actionable, and focused at the right time. Logistics can be complex and opaque. Synfioo changes this by bringing transparency into global supply chains with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Synfioo is analyzing transport data end-to-end. The information provided for Synfioo customers combines the live data from all modalities with their own transport data to shed light on their supply chain management.
More than 70 sources worldwide are used to generate a precise Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). All transport participants - manufacturers, logistics providers and end customers - are informed in the event of disruptions, receive recommendations for alternative options and can exchange data with ease.
With this knowledge management by exception becomes possible. The solution adapts to the individual needs of intermodal supply chains of any size and provides a high level of transparency for all logistics processes.
More than 27 ETA experts
work for your success
>150 M
Calculated ETAs
High ETA quality
– proven in numerous projects
Over 70
partner integrations
Successful networking
of industry, forwarders
and infrastructure
All rail data

The atmosphere within the company is a decisive factor: People are open to discussing wild ideas and always curious to learn and evolve.

Having studied math, I discovered this awesome field of study known as Machine Learning. When I came across Synfioo, I was immediately interested because solving problems from the real world presents a great and practical challenge. When tackling a problem, we have a lot of freedom in choosing the approach. Being at the interface of science and technology makes you encounter new ways of thinking quite fast, so there is always something to learn. A game or two of table football or table tennis doesn’t hurt to help clear the mind when one’s brain is overheating.

Steffen - Data Science

Everyday, I’m motivated to come to work because I always feel supported by the team and face great challenges.

The hiring process at Synfioo was very professional. It was extremely important to me that the co-founders and Managing Directors were involved throughout the entire interview process, which provided me with the unique opportunity to ask them questions and showed that they had an interest in investing time to hire the right people. At Synfioo, we have flexible working hours, self-development time, ample room to grow, and many more benefits.

Zuzanna - Marketing

Each challenge helps us to evolve: May it be a new technology, a new data source or a game of table football...

I have been working at Synfioo from day 1. In the beginning, there was a very ambitious idea and a handful of skilled people. Today, we have turned an idea into a stable, evolving product, successful projects, happy customers, and a talented and determined team. Synfioo allows for a high degree of freedom in our work routine.  No approach for the solution is given, so we can try on our own how to reach the goal. Individual ideas and efforts are therefore valued highly. I also can as easily approach one of the co-founders the same way as I would a coworker.

Susanne - Software Engineer

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August-Bebel-Str. 27,
14482 Potsdam, Germany

Our Values

Synfioo was built through innovation. We are always striving to continue to innovate and add value to the way the world operates. As an organisation, introducing new processes, services, and products with the potential to affect people’s lives in a positive manner is an important part of our overall mission.
Integrity demands truthfulness and honesty. Synfioo places the utmost importance on serving our customers with quality, accuracy and timely delivery. We believe that to build a solid reputation, a company must be able to execute while maintaining the highest level of integrity.
At Synfioo, our employees should feel empowered to be seen and heard –to have a safe harbor to voice their thoughts and opinions. We believe in succeeding together. A collaborative culture is not only beneficial for our employees, but also for our customers. We accomplish this through goal setting, communicating, listening, and problem solving.
We reflect on processes and company culture on a regular basis. Diversity is our strength, as evidenced in having over 10 different nationalities represented at Synfioo. We work in harmony within our international and fast-growing team and advocate unity.
Synfioo would not be where it is today without the knowledge, motivation and input of every team member. We strongly encourage our team to try out new things and fail early and often. This helps us all in working towards maximizing our potential.

The goal is to perfectly coordinate the individual transports and production steps in order to eliminate surprises and avoid delays in transport management.

Synfioo's platform achieves precise coordination and maximum transparency for supply chains, resulting in more efficient operations and a stronger final result. Synfioo supports the supply chain manager in forming the individual processes into a harmonic solution.

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