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The more complex intermodal supply chains get, the more sensitive they are to any sort of external disruption. With Synfioo, you get the transparency you need to handle transport processes efficiently and ensure planning reliability.
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Maintaining control in times of crisis:

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Supply Chain Visibility

No costly production downtimes

Smooth follow-up processes in
production, warehouse management
and customer service

No missed time windows


ETA Predictions & Adjustments

More efficiency with transport control tower

Route and process optimization

Optimization of asset utilization

Avoidance of buffer times


Hub Monitoring

Optimization of inbound flow

More efficient ramp utilization

Enhanced time window management

Our Technology


Increase transparency and decrease critical delays—we give you back a notion of control

Data Science

All data in one placeput an end to manual search

Seamless, Easy

Don’t put in any extra effort
—adapt our solution to your supply chain


It’s time to fine-tune your transport processes to achieve greater precision and flexibility, bringing harmony into your global and intermodal supply chain.

Our Features


Using over 50 global data sources and Big Data technology, we calculate an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for intermodal and global transport chains. Transport processes are no longer viewed in isolation, but end-to-end and in real time.

Track and Trace

Know where your transport is at all times? Synfioo makes it possible. With shipment tracking for you and your customers, you can monitor the entire transport route in real time. A precise map view allows you and your supply chain partners to stay ahead of the game.

Disruption Alerts

We predict possible shortcomings in your supply chain. All parties involved in the transport process receive relevant disruption alerts and alternative recommendations for action at an early stage. The result: Greater focus and action that can concentrate on exceptions through targeted information.


The growing complexity of intermodal supply chains increases the sensitivity of supply chains to external disruptions. A lack of supply chain visibility leads to inefficient ways of handling transport processes and unreliable planning.

Our Solutions

System Integration

The Synfioo API acts as the interface between your own TMS and the Synfioo Cloud, Data can be uploaded and visualized in your familiar software environment. 

Web Solution

Synfioo Services can also be used via your own Internet browser enabling easy access in a user-friendly environment. With our OnTime Navigator, disruption and movement data can be retrieved from anywhere.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Our Synfioo Mobile App installs easily on the driver’s mobile phone. Current position data is recorded and can be retrieved via the OnTime Navigator.


Harmony requires collaboration and networking—the precise management of important events is the result of communication across various operators. Learn More

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