Real-time navigation with your

Supply chain
visibility platform
for intermodal transportation

Never lose sight of your transports and always know when they arrive at their destination. With Synfioo’s OnTime Navigator, you have the transparency needed to handle transport processes efficiently and ensure planning reliability. We connect every player in intermodal logistics - whether the mode of transport is ship, truck, train, or plane.
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Discover supply chain transparency for:

Improved time window
Track your entire supply chain
with one platform
Guarantee of smooth follow-up
processes in warehouse
and production
Constant overview of your own
and your contractors’ fleets
Route and process
Improvement of asset
Access to complete
European freight train
and disturbance data
Easy communication of
delays to all supply chain
Precise prediction of
pick-up slots for the
on-carriage transport
Persistent monitoring of
inland waterway vessels
Display of time windows
for port pick-up
Updates on disturbances
along the route
Real-time ship tracking
Optimization of hinterland transport
processes with live data
Connecting intercontinental
supply chains
Track & Trace of planes
around the globe
Status quo overviews
in air cargo centers
Enhanced efficiencies
Together with Synfioo, we are working on a solution to better manage and optimize our supply chain in a much broader perspective, without a division into transport silos (truck, train, ship, air).
We believe that we can only achieve the most optimal result with the best.
Synfioo is such a partner. It is an unconventional company with an open mind as well as the right principles and values."
Przemysław Hołowacz, Chief Development Officer

How we digitalize
your logistics processes

The OnTime Navigator (OTN) platform processes data from more than 70 external sources and connects it with your supply chain data.
We process live tracking data,
the current situation in your supply chain
and historical data to calculate accurate arrival time predictions.
We provide you with precise ETA predictions, a detailed live view of your transports, disruption alerts, and Track&Trace functions.

OnTime Navigator
Your real-time visibility platform

Direct access to Synfioo data in all common web browsers. Complete overview of all deliveries and their arrival time predictions as well as disruption alerts. Includes maps, lists and detailed visualizations of transports, drivers and vehicles.
Integration with existing Software systems for visualization of ETA calculations and for consideration of individual transport data. RESTful web service for easy and seamless integration into existing IT systems.
Access to real-time data for arrivals and departures of your transports, similar to the arrival and departure boards at airports. By marking critical and delayed transports, bottlenecks in planning become visible.
Synfioo GPS
Allows Synfioo to receive truck GPS data from drivers with automated tour detection. No need for account registration –linked to mobile number.

This is what Synfioo
has to offer for your supply chain

Always know where your shipment is and what is happening on the way - no matter the modality
No more unpleasant surprises: As soon as your transport encounters an unforeseen event, we send you a disruption alert and the information you need to proactively make decisions. You always know exactly when your transport is expected to arrive as we account for the entire supply chain and gather real-time information related to potential disruptions from over 70 external data sources to derive precise ETA calculations with our proprietary ML algorithm.
Improve your logistics processes with precise arrival time predictions
Keep your fleet organized with precise arrival time predictions, even for pre-and post-carriage. Accurately time your disposition at an early stage to perfectly coordinate all processes and distribute your resources effectively. Benefit from a greater sense of control and flexibility, while minimizing your exposure to uncertainties and what-if scenarios. This allows you to optimize your transport processes and use your supply chain as a competitive advantage.
Save time and money with facilitated transport planning
Put an end to manual processes by allowing us to aggregate your data and alert you to disruptions when a transport encounters an unforeseen incident. Necessary changes to original transport and production planning can be made at an early stage – asset utilization can be improved and buffer times avoided. Focus on exception management with the assurance that the constant flow of goods is guaranteed.
Instantly increase customer satisfaction
Keep your partners up to date with professional order and transport tracking, the current location of the vehicle, and reliable status reports. This facilitates efficient communication among all supply chain participants and forms a solid foundation for a resilient and responsive supply chain network.

About Synfioo

Logistics can be complex and opaque. Synfioo changes this by bringing transparency into global supply chains with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). To do this, the company is analyzing transport data end-to-end. The information provided to Synfioo customers is a combination of live data from all modalities with their own transport data, providing greater visibility in supply chain management.

More than 70 sources worldwide are used to generate a precise Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). All transport participants - manufacturers, logistics providers and end customers - are informed in the event of disruptions, receive recommendations for alternative options and can exchange data with ease. With this knowledge management by exception becomes possible. The solution adapts to the individual needs of intermodal supply chains of any size and provides a high level of transparency for all logistics processes.
Read more about our Mission
Marian Pufahl
Our clients are always on the safe side. Our software enables end-to-end intermodal monitoring and disruption notification for every transport in real time.  
Andreas Meyer
Synfioo is a very exciting project within Industry 4.0, and since knowledge is power, our approach provides our customers with an unprecedented information advantage and broadens their scope of action.
Michael Netter
Chief Revenue Officer
Global supply chains are complex and prone to disruptions. Minimize risk with our solutions and bring harmony to your supply chain.
Zuzanna Andani
Head of Marketing
Never lose sight of a transport again. Whether by ship, truck, train or plane, Synfioo keeps track of every transport and increases visibility. 

How to get started

Save time and money
by harmonizing
your supply chain

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